Congratulations to Award Winning Teams!

Hack4Equity: Health Equity for Georgia’s Black Mothers was a success! By the numbers…

  • 250+ Registered Participants
  • 8 Pre-event and Event sessions
  • 17 Teams presenting 17 innovations
  • 4 Networking sessions
  • 35+ Organizations involved

Hack4Equity Prizes

  • Acknowledgement and Visibility: Top track awardees and honorable mention teams will have pitched solution ideas featured on partner media channels
  • Cash Prizes: First place awardees for each track will receive $500 per hacker, and honorable mention awardees will receive $100 per hacker
  • Mentorship: One hour mentorship sessions from innovation and venture experts to help scale top four ideas post-hackathon

Congratulations to our Awardees!

Awardee Track 1

Improving Individual Healthcare

Motley Crew

Our combined expertise has given birth to an app that will have three core pillars of support: education, care, and community. Quality education will be provided with Lamaze childbirth education provided during each trimester. Care will focus on access to care; we will assist with locating providers even in rural areas. To help support the community, mothers will be paired according to gestational age with access to chats 24/7, live and recorded sessions and trained moderators providing support. We will initially focus on Medicaid recipients but hope to use it for all Black families in Georgia.

Team members:
Kiana Ayers RN, IBCLC, LCCE, Pooja Kanyadan, Aditi Nair

Awardee Track 2

Reducing Racial Disparity in Health System

Team 17 – House of Hope

The House of Hope application aims to create a virtual “pregnancy and perinatal medical home” for pregnant Black women. It uses a traceable, digital footprint to deliver standardized, but personalized care. It provides embedded decision supports, communication with the care team, and connection to resources and community-based underpinnings to achieve practice consistency. Creating consistency of practice through evidence-based algorithms has the potential to transform care in chronic diseases.

Team members:
Dr. Karla L Booker MD FACOG FAAFP, Sameer Doshi, Dr. Anne l. Dunlop, MD, MPH, FAAFP, Arlene C Mabrey, Sumeet Ranu

Awardee Track 3

Building Community-Based Equity: Addressing Structural Racism & Social Determinants of Health

Jumana Care

Jumana Care is a community-based app for Black mothers in Georgia to be matched with certified doulas, join group prenatal sessions, document their feelings throughout their pregnancy, and find social resources like childcare and transportation. To bridge communication gaps between clinicians and expectant individuals, the app integrates with electronic health records, offering providers vital patient insights like their health literacy level. Jumana Care aims to help women have safer pregnancies and feel empowered.

Team members:
Elham Ali, Chanel Conigan, Nadia Kim, Justine Leach, Amrita Shankar

Awardee Track 4

Open Topic


Olive4Equity aims to amplify the voices of Black mothers. Perinatal cardiovascular complications are the leading cause of death of Black mothers in Georgia. To address this health crisis Olive4Equity proposes a program that provides remote and integrated blood pressure monitoring of mothers in the immediate postpartum period. This solution will allow women to access care from home, reducing travel time to appointments and provide Black mothers with objective data to advocate for timely care.

Team members:
Megan Bultema, Jackie Kokx, Rosie Martinez, Kashif Ross


Honorable Mention Awardee Track 1: Improving Individual Healthcare

Team Parenchute

Parenchute is a holistic approach to telemedicine through a mobile application. This application will provide access to an OB/GYN provider and will push routine wellness surveys and utilize an analytical prediction model to connect with a provider to address symptoms and concerns. Parenchute will also provide access to on-demand educational tools, a support forum and voice meets to connect with other birth givers, and a gamification component that will provide incentives to participants.

Team members:
Rae-Anne Pinckney, LMSW, Sandeep A. Kumar Rai, Aparna Ramesh


Awesome Team 13

Pathway360 is a curated set of wellness solutions informed by data and findings of high-risk Black expecting and new moms with limited to no access to care. The AI-fueled, mobile web/app experience aims to enable the timely delivery of relevant content and supportive services personalized for the Black mom and curated by zip code by trusted sources such as Black OBGYNs, Doulas, Birth and Wellness coaches. This solution takes a holistic approach to care for her and her family’s overall wellness.

Team members:
Satya Aduri, Sumit Bhuttan, Pamela Brown, Jawaid Tariq


Honorable Mention Awardee Track 2: Reducing Racial Disparity in Health Systems


The purpose of our app is to address the maternal mortality issue in Georgia by producing a simple, yet sufficient QR code that contains features to report potential malpractice and provide support to women, expecting mothers, and families who may experience malpractices or other hardships during and after their birthing process.

Team members:
Kiara Boyce, Sophia Dhanani, Christina Kingsberry, Tiarra Stanley


Awesome Team 15 – JJ

Cruising with Care is a movement for Collective Action and Relevant Engagement (CARE), driven by rural experiences of Black birthing Georgians postpartum! Mobilizing community capital, cruisers provide WiFi for telehealth services and shared-meeting space (keeping invitation into homes a parent’s decision). Black parents, community health workers, and Community Based Organization’s provide social and educational support to help enhance health literacy. Volunteer clinicians and trainees in rural residency programs supplement health services. Businesses support operational costs and freebies.

Team members:
Janauvia Anthony, Jasmine Ward


Honorable Mention Awardee Track 3: Building Community-Based Equity: Addressing Structural Racism & Social Determinants of


Community Care Advocate Program Powered by the DearMama App
The Community Care Advocate (CCA) program powered by the DearMama mobile app provides 24x7 access, convenience, and culturally sensitive maternal care that engage, educate, and empower Black women in Georgia. The DearMama app allows Black women to enter their preferences, select their preferred CCA, and access community resources based on her specific needs. The CCA provides individualized, personalized maternal care for Black expectant mothers along their motherhood journey. CCAs take a hybrid approach to provide care via telehealth and in-home visits. CCAs have strong linkages to the Black community and live in the same community where she serves.

Team members:
David Doan, PhD, MBA, RN, PMC-II, PMP, CSM, BCMAS, Odssiaska Inera, Mahkayla McKenzie, Divesia Patterson


Honorable Mention Awardee Track 4: Open Topic


MotherBear is a website and smartphone application targeted towards Black women to address disparities concerning preeclampsia and maternal mortality. The app utilizes a multi-faceted approach to help give expecting Black mother’s agency over their health by providing nutritional recipes, providing easier access to health records and professionals (e.g., doctors, doulas, and midwives), and offering educational resources.

Team members:
Andy Charlorin, Tori Davis, Lorena Morgan, Arissa Morris